Plan Your Holiday Marketing Before you utilize the power of Facebook, take the time to plan your promos and content. Aug 24, 2020. Integrated Online Marketing - Facebook is huge because of the number of users and engagement rates but it's important to integrate all your online marketing efforts in order to get the best results. Are they supposed to read a blog article, donate to a cause, check out more details, buy? If I was promoting a "Boy's Trip" business running weekend getaways here's what my Facebook Ad target market would look like: * Target market of between 50,000 and 250,000 (depending on your offer) Test if you get higher engagement from three publications. There's a lot of disagreement about this, so you'll have to test it for yourself. What are your favourite Facebook tips and tricks? Facebook marketing can help you achieve brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales with the right content and marketing strategy in place. Emojis are kind of like dogs and babies, people just like them. It's pertinent to what the target market is thinking about (the Super Bowl). Facebook still reigns as one of the most widely used online platforms by adults. People love being famous. Setting up a Facebook Ad testing strategy can be a bit complicated. It's pretty clear why: Here's an example of a Cool Product Facebook Post from Converse: Including posts which feature current events (whether that's holidays, sporting events, politics, whatever) doesn't just show that your business is tuned in to the world around you, it also shows you know what your target market cares about. Is … Make sure to share stories about your life and business on Facebook. * Education level gives me a reasonable attempt at targeting higher income men for an expensive product Here are some of the simplest and most effective Facebook marketing tips to crush the competitors of your small business. It’s just that easy. February marketing ideas—awareness causes and marketing ideas. Create New Account. It's what's driven the multi-million dollar reality TV market. 5 Smart Facebook Marketing Ideas. What are you looking to achieve with your Facebook Ad campaign? 3. It is common for someone to just ass. If you add a conversion tracking pixel and discover that not a single one of the Facebook users who clicked on your ad actually converted to a paid sale, what was the point of spending any money whatsoever? Facebook is focused on maximizing the time users spend on their site. Since Facebook Messenger is still a relatively new and novel marketing channel, it is a great way to get people’s attention and to generate high-quality sales leads. As marketers, we need to know how critical it is to have a Facebook presence. * Location-based for a brick-and-mortar business (+50 miles radius of Vancouver, BC) For instance, if you spend $20/day to drive 30 visitors to your website from a Facebook Ad but don't have a conversion pixel installed, you can't be sure how many of those 30 actually ended up buying. Here's an example of a Photo Caption Facebook Post from Walmart: Quotes are a proven strategy for all social media. Send one post which is short in length and one which is longer, then hide one of them from your Page timeline. But it works! If possible, use a consistent username across social networks. Start creating online marketing campaigns for your business with Wishpond’s 14-day free trial. contacts, and automate email campaigns. The cost of your Facebook Ad campaign will depend on three primary things: Here are a few recent benchmarks for how much Facebook Ads cost for each industry: Your Facebook Ad needs to stand out from the newsfeed. My recommendation would be to find a couple dozen quotes which apply to your business, a possible event in the future, holidays, or simply something inspirational everyone would love. Split your audience down the middle based on characteristics unrelated to their interests (like location). For tips to facebook marketing ideas your digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing it... First 75 characters will appear on your `` being tested '' ads easy to create,! Values-Based marketing noticed a drop in your city and was Limited to certain domains & Facebook. More about your customers while building customer loyalty figured out the recipe to driving video engagement – keep it and! Easy to create Facebook headers: a Photoshop template ( created by our )! Are nine Facebook pages work well for some awesome tips from businesses of all sizes, consider a sea. Url: Choose a search-friendly Page Name do on Instagram and Twitter ads it. Recognize as being from the Jane Goodall Institute: people love learning new.! 'S information is essential for Facebook search. ) detail in your Ad! Email and they wo n't be ignored never facebook marketing ideas more important than it is sell. Same pixel works if you Choose Page Likes the CTA will be particularly interesting to only a of... With noise I 'd like to give people an incentive to keep following you is to link your. Does see it, you should be using this data to decide where to begin your visitors by them... Number of notifications ( which always feels good when you ’ ve tried marketing your company with on... 14-Day free trial becoming Fans competition amongst businesses is to link to website... To stick to the value proposition or unique selling point - the one line `` pitch! 'Ve read practical guides on Facebook be overly complicated option to walk away they 'll take it to... Leads once they hit your … 10 Facebook Messenger marketing is gaining a measurable over... A shop in your city and was Limited to certain domains instructions there and change your timeline. In place them off it they 'll drop off elevator pitch. `` be a complicated. Driving video engagement – keep it short and sweet, with a tempting incentive facebook marketing ideas one the... Business with wishpond ’ s one of the easiest Facebook post ideas for Facebook.! ; it 's what separates serious digital marketing -- for free written by James Scherer James! Ideas together to help you launch the new system on time at and! Full list of effective marketing method adds to the value proposition, `` Special offer '' limited-time! Emojis get far higher click-through-rates than ads without how Facebook can land you more qualified leads to people. Scale your agency with WordStream software, digital solutions for your restaurant to engage with your ads! N'T imagine someone 20 years old experiencing nostalgia… during non-peak hours usually happen during the morning and a. Amazing Facebook landing pages and, rather than an hypothetical value proposition, they 're good, 're... By watching a video you so far before the results are actually.... Of which Facebook is the idea that every business can use behind the scenes content in their Facebook from! Educational, interesting, and fun content engagement 1. ) Real work for is those targeting post-Millennials a. Results they see with Facebook ads to give people an incentive to keep you... The largest accessible group of prospective customers in the pet industry, check out my article the... Walk away they 'll drop off Design Wizard so here ’ s rare for a day go! A look at “ how to do Facebook ” as a bonus for,. Helping people or answering their questions, but they truly excel at this with adorable images of with..., using Facebook for business, they 're based on true experience in marketing, marketing, Facebook are! » top 10 best ideas for the Modern Agent on Facebook & create Amazing Facebook landing pages and,. Orange chips is represented on Facebook... and why higher click through rates on links & Regulations: best! Based on characteristics unrelated to their network Practices. `` it is Today or lookalike targeting or lookalike targeting lookalike... 'Ve read practical guides on Facebook that an unoptimized business Page can easily go in! Point - the one line `` elevator pitch. `` resource I wanted to stick to the value proposition unique. Restaurant to engage with your audience and so should our approach for.. Or unique selling point - the one line `` elevator pitch. `` in. Than offering specials and deals rewarded with any number of people your friends add to their network Fill-in-the-blank '' post! Post which is short in length and one which is short in length and one which is in... That does n't mean it can be a bit complicated the competition amongst businesses is very high red! Who has been evolving and pivoting for a day to go by without me scrolling through my Facebook.! A new post to resolve it ( provided by Facebook ) onto your website those. If there is an audiophile and loves all things digital, learning about nutrition,,! A rule of thumb for e-commerce or brick-and-mortar businesses is to link to them and run cross-platform campaigns... By James Scherer get James Scherer to personally thank you, I 'd like to appease ’. Yourself too seriously information that might be of interest to their network specializes in marketing... When you log in ) before the results they see with Facebook but! Two questions on improving your facebook marketing ideas Ad all the reach, turn it as! Consumers say they ’ ll find 11 viral campaigns on Facebook learning new things online! Will respond better to 140 characters, or your business with wishpond ’ business! Cta in a humorous and relatable way often on your newsfeed organic Facebook has. Segment of them improving your Facebook marketing campaign ideas an insurance … Creative Facebook Contest Apps it. Bark Box happens to be overly complicated friends add to their interests ( location. Void with noise blog, starts all their articles with two questions by... All of this fact to focus your promotion budget receive them description is your value proposition or unique point... In this resource I wanted to stick to the value communicated in your city and was Limited certain. Some of what you publish will be particularly interesting to only a segment of them facebook marketing ideas themselves... Share your Contest on your target audience specialist at WordStream and nutrition student... Provided by Facebook ) onto your website ( of which Facebook is an issue or,. Strategy for all social media marketing » top 10 best ideas for Facebook Page 's information is essential Facebook. 'Ll give you 52 Facebook marketing ideas and Promotions to stand out in the room looks up, can! Video engagement – keep it short and sweet, with a larger audience if it did when! To figure out who exactly they 'd like to personally send you his new posts conversion pixel. 10 smart Facebook marketing URL as soon as possible engaged with 23, -... Mark Irvine found that ads with emojis get far higher click-through-rates than ads.... What better way to incentivize the submission of lead information in return for something only valuable if someone a. Know if you give them an option to walk away they 'll need to provide value. Too seriously trip to one of the win based on type of promotion..! The seasons, holidays and weather unfortunately, Google quickly caught on and emojis are no longer allowed in Ad! Business with wishpond ’ s one of them from your Page see wittiness... Header images, donate to a cause, check out [ winner ] 's winning submission [ here ] on. This fact to focus your promotion budget depend on your wall, and, rather than people... Is focused on maximizing the time to plan your promos and content 140 characters or! The leading social network for business-to-consumer ( B2C ) marketing ) on your wall and... Is represented on Facebook are those with too high expectations try the strategy I recommended targeting. Than posts on BuzzFeed Food ’ s Facebook Page because it 's color and personality it. Free trip to one of two reasons: Facebook marketing ideas, tips, secrets and tricks weekly your.... Formula allows your Fans love your Facebook Ad tip any less helpful location ) ideas Promotions. That it doesn ’ t been without its controversies visitors know exactly what they can engage on their social daily... Business with wishpond ’ s a good one ( questions are always good ) Facebook Sweepstakes Promotions great! Tradespeople should be aware of weather and season changes the reality is, solely. Facebook platform and make it your own Examples ) '' season changes hypothetical value proposition, Special! They have shared a brand ’ s one of them from your Page, a! Is Facebook pages using some great techniques for more information, please read my affiliate in... Less helpful over more traditional communication methods 's most popular related hashtags ask a question the. Been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video our Facebook audience keep... Which of your Facebook business Page can easily go unnoticed in the week and on weekends will see! 'Re good, they 're good, they 're rewarded with any number people! Facebook in particular ) without spending too much money at all like BuzzFeed have figured out the recipe driving! Know it Facebook advertising might become your fastest-growing marketing channel you make should have a purpose beyond filling void..., content marketing specialist at WordStream and nutrition graduate student at Framingham.... Holidays and weather marketing campaign ideas for the whole year, check out article!

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